Unicorn in the AI era: Zionex brings new possibilities for the AI era

Since the 21st century, artificial intelligence is leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, changing people’s way of production and life. Emerging information technologies represented by artificial intelligence (AI) are booming, and the application of artificial intelligence, especially in professional services such as healthcare, education, finance, security and defense, is accelerating. Artificial intelligence refers to the use of machines to achieve all the tasks that must be achieved with the help of human wisdom. In essence, it is based on the continuous progress of learning ability and reasoning ability, to imitate the process of human thinking, cognition, decision-making and action. At present, artificial intelligence technology has been applied in finance, insurance, media, consumption and other fields. This round of manufacturing reform has gone beyond the industry, enterprises and the field itself. With the improvement of big data and cloud computing capabilities, more technology and information technology have begun to be deeply applied to the manufacturing industry after the full development, and bring the reconstruction effect.

What industries will AI AI change?

Modern AI —— is, more specifically, a “narrow sense of artificial intelligence”. It performs target functions using data-trained models, and usually belongs to the category of deep learning or machine learning. ——. Few major industries have not been affected. This has been true in the past few years, when data collection and analytics have increased dramatically thanks to the powerful connectivity of the Internet of Things, the proliferation of connected devices and faster computer processing.

Some industries are at the beginning of an AI journey, and others are experienced travelers. Both have a long way to go. In any case, the impact of artificial intelligence in today’s life cannot be ignored.

Transportation: While it may take some time to improve them, one day self-driving cars will carry us from one place to another.

Manufacturing: AI-driven robots work with humans, perform a limited range of tasks, such as assembly and stacking, and predictive analysis sensors to keep the device running smoothly.

Healthcare: In the relatively emerging healthcare field of artificial intelligence, disease diagnosis is more rapid and accurate, drug discovery is accelerated and simplified, virtual care assistants monitor patients, and large data analysis helps to create a more personalized patient experience.

Education: With the help of artificial intelligence, textbooks are digital, early virtual mentors help human mentors, and facial analysis measures students’ emotions to help determine who is struggling or bored and better customize the experience to individual needs.

Media: Journalism is also using artificial intelligence, and will continue to benefit from it. Bloomberg Use Cyborg Technology to help quickly understand complex financial reports. AssociatedPress Using AutomatedInsights’s natural language skills to produce 3,700 profit reports a year, almost four times the past.

Customer service: Last but not least, Google is working on an AI assistant that makes similar phone calls, such as a nearby hair salon. In addition to the words, the system can also understand the situational context and nuances.

From Stanford’s 2019 Global AI Index report. In general, people’s expectation of AI has reached a relatively high expectation value stage with the deepening of their cognition of AI. Today, artificial intelligence has been integrated into our lives, such as almost everyone has a smart phone, smart appliances at home and so on. Tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have spent billions of dollars to create these products and services, and universities have used AI as a more important part of their curriculum, which shows that the future of AI holds great promise because human imagination is infinite and is on the way and never stops. The capabilities of artificial intelligence are rapidly approaching humans, and have surpassed them in many niches. In the digital era driven by AI, AI has greatly improved the production efficiency of the society, and a large number of jobs and models will be overturned by AI. This has to face two problems: 1) how to ensure the economic rights and interests and protection of those replaced by changes in social production mode; 2) in the future, Internet and social activities are more generated by AI. In this case, how can human beings prove that they are not AI? This is related to the digital identity of people, has been involved behind a series of economic rights and social rights and interests.

Based on these considerations,Zionex Is one of the pioneers of this change. Through the integration of Web3, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies, it provides new opportunities and support for the creation, transaction and management of the digital economy, and has become an important force in the field of digital economy.


Zionex Is one of the South Korea’s well-known private equity KTB investment, Singapore too fund, Zionex block chain laboratory with the original Coinbase exchange co-founder Mr Fred Ehrsam is committed to development and operation, OpenAI chief technology officer Mira Murati as technical consultant, through the original aggregation function development, combined with AI artificial intelligence, quantitative trading system developed the world’s first Web3 AI trading social aggregation platform.

Zionext The adopted blockchain 3.0 new infrastructure and multi-cluster system architecture greatly improves the performance, security, stability and scalability of the system. And through research and development of financial model and automated process, anchor dozens of global exchanges, combined with the latest OTC management, fast rob single trading for institutions, users and community to provide more open, free, efficient, intelligent and safe communication and trading environment, let institutions, users and community get more secure, convenient high yield, at the same time to meet the needs of digital currency crowd diversified tools.

Zionex Can be implemented

Training of the transformation model:Zionext The basic pre-training method used by the team includes three parts: model, data and training. The training process of Zionext is similar to that of ChatGPT, but the model size, data set size and diversity, and training length are relatively directly expanded. As for contextual learning, the million self-iterations of AI trading strategies per hour is equivalent to one million hours of human learning accumulation. Similarly, Zionext used a similar approach to ChatGPT, but the Zionext research team systematically explored different contextual learning settings. Zionext Is an autoregressive language model with 155 billion parameters, 10 times more parameters than the previous ChatGPT language model, and its performance was tested in a few-sample environment. In all tasks, Zionext does not require any additional gradient update or fine-tuning, and can be directly applied to specific tasks with few samples only through the interaction of the model and text. Zionext Excellent performance on many NLP datasets, including translation, quiz, and content filling tasks, as well as multiple tasks that require instant reasoning or domain adaptation, such as making sentences with new words or performing three-digit operations. Zionext The news articles generated are fake enough to make it difficult for human assessors to distinguish between them.

Advanced AI model:Advanced AI model designed for blockchain technology and encryption related topics. Zionext Use the latest algorithms and high-speed computing power to solve challenging problems in blockchain and encryption space. With Zionext, users can quickly access any knowledge and information they need. Zionext With many other unique features designed for individuals, developers, and businesses, it is a must-have tool for everyone in the blockchain space.

AI algorithm:Zionext’s AI algorithm can be used to generate custom smart contracts and decentralized applications, making it easier for individuals and businesses to create their own contracts and applications in the encryption and blockchain space.

AI Intelligent trading system:Zionext AI intelligent trading system based on big data, integrated the trend, response, technology sentiment trading strategy, can automatic position analysis, automatic allocation, real-time calculation interval positions, help users to achieve stable value, can be for users to simulate trading system, can achieve 2 minutes simulated trading Zionext according to Zionext trading team set trading strategy can automatically identify trading signal 24 hours and trading, by timely stop set strategy, arbitrage surplus.

Zionex What will it bring to the users?

Automatic trading: Robot automatic trading, users do not need to spend time looking at the plate, research strategies, analyze the market, completely get rid of the trouble of human nature.

Steady profit: investment bias caused by human factors often leads to property losses. Zionex robot adopts the order grabbing strategy to make 100% profit.

Team rebate: become a evangelist and invite friends to register, sit and enjoy the rebate every day, to achieve cost entrepreneurship.


Zionex Through the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, it brings new opportunities and support for the creation, transaction and management of the digital economy. Through the application of AI technology, the value positioning and protection of digital economy have been greatly improved; through the application of Zionex, the creation and display of digital field have also been more efficient and intelligent support. At the same time, Zionex has also brought new possibilities for the era of AI and become an important force in the digital economy.

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