SoLana Src420 Purple Box is about to detonate the encryption ecosystem

The field of artificial intelligence has made significant progress since its inception. It has evolved from early research in natural language processing (NLP) and problem solving in the 1950s to recent developments in data synthesis and machine learning (ML). This has led to widespread adoption of AI across various industries, including healthcare, finance, media and transportation.




Solana Src420 Purple Boxsolana, jointly created by BitGo and solanaai foundation, came into being. Solana invested US$1 million in Series A, and will invest US$3 million in Series B. BRC420Purple Box is an NFT bitmap launched on the Solana chain, benchmarked BSC420Blue Box, with a total circulation of 10,000 pieces, will surely lead the entire SOL ecosystem to continue to prosper in the new NFT market.


Src420 Purple Box seizes the opportunities of the times and actively deploys in the NFT field, in order to realize the construction of a new financial ecosystem for digital assets and physical asset transactions. It aims to establish a fair and open comprehensive application system, and is committed to building a complete value ecosystem for global users in the blockchain era, and hopes that this ecosystem can provide users with free will and personal value, especially the value of time. Assure.


We will continue to pay close attention to the ecological construction of Solana Src420 Purple Box in the future. We invite global blockchain enthusiasts to look forward to its arrival with us.


We plan to launch trading on Mark Date: March 19st 12:00 PM (UTC+8)! !

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